Our Mission

Cornerstone Bible Chapel is a non-denominational assembly of Christians who are committed to following the principles given in the New Testament for the local church (Acts 2:42).

As a local church, together we

Remember our Lord in Worship

Pray with Faith

Teach the Truth

Share with Humility

Serve with Love and

Proclaim the Gospel with Compassion

As servants of Jesus Christ, it is our desire to lead lives worthy of our Lord and bring honor to His name. We believe this is possible only as we mature in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

With this in mind, we regularly engage in Bible study, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. Recognizing the importance of our unity in Christ, we endeavor to encourage each other in our Christian walk, to remember each other in prayer, and to aid each other in times of need.

We strive to be exemplary in our conduct, training our children in the way of the Lord, because we realize that we are His witnesses in every circumstance. We also contribute our time and resources to the spreading of the Gospel, both locally and worldwide.

Our mission can be accomplished in a variety of ways such as evangelistic efforts in the community, encouragement and support of home and foreign missions, spiritual retreats, Bible camps, youth ministries, Bible studies, seminars, classes and counseling.

Read our statement of faith.